Towne Connections



Our Towne Connections program seeks to support FTCHS’s commitment to provide a family-like atmosphere by providing financial and emotional support to members of the FTC community who are in need.



The goal of the Towne Connections program is to develop and grow funds which are made available to struggling members of the FTC community.  The FTC community includes students, alumni, staff and family members. Many of our members face economic struggles which have been intensified by job loss, death of a family member and/or poor health. Towne Connections funds are available to alleviate the struggle to pay for food, medical and funeral expenses and basic necessities. Additionally, funds may be used in a wish capacity, seeking to enhance a Towne community member’s overall educational experience. 

Selection Process:

The selection committee consists of the Chief Executive Officer, Principal or Assistant Principal, School Psychologist and two Student Government Faculty Advisers. Referrals should include name, nature of need, and gift requested. Selections are then screened by the Guidance Department and turned over to the committee members for distribution. 

As the holiday season approaches, we are welcoming letters or emails from our Towne families who are facing tough times and would be grateful for a food basket or help with necessities during the holiday season. If your family, or a Towne family you know of, would benefit from the assistance of Towne Connections, please email [email protected] with your request.  If you are writing for another Towne family, please include the recipient’s name, phone number or address and a brief statement as to how we can help.  We do accept letters for families in need throughout the year. However, to be considered for a Thanksgiving food basket, we ask that you email us by November 18th.   

Letters requesting our help or contributions can be dropped off to the front office, mailed to the school c/o Towne Connections, Franklin Towne Charter High School, 5301 Tacony Street, Box 310, Philadelphia, PA 19137