Girls Softball

Franklin Towne Charter High School Varsity Softball

Congratulations to the 2022 Varsity Softball Team!!  



Gordon, Brianna


Harris, Mia


Keane, Caylin


Omelchuk, Hayley


Pedone, Danica


Roach, Emily


Long, Delaney


Newton, Rylee


Trolene, Jessica


Brenner, Hailey


Dahl, Emma


Graziano, Aubrey


Madden, Jenna


Seider, Aubrey


Blaisdell, Sophia


Montini, Gabriella


Smalla, Madeline




Coaches Contact Information

Ms. Ruggieri
([email protected])

Ms. Petroski ([email protected])


Team Awards:
District XII Champions - 2021 
PPL Runner Up - 2021 
PPL Champions - 2017 
PPL Champions - 2016  
PPL Champions - 2013 


Spring Sport (March to June)

Home Field: 
Bridesburg Recreation Center
(4601 Richmond St, Philadelphia, PA 19137)

Softball Conditioning Sessions

Conditioning sessions are intended to prepare participants in the required skills and effort it takes to become a member of the FTC Women’s Softball Team. There will be sessions held leading up to the Softball Season.

  • These sessions are not required for those interested in joining the team, though it gives participants the opportunity to showcase their talent, condition before the preseason, and form connections with teammates and coaches.

Expected Softball Skills

The following skills are expected, but not required from participants:

  • An understanding of the sport, including game rules and regulations
  • The ability to throw, catch, and field a softball
  • The ability to run a timed 1 mile run (about 9 minutes)
  • The ability to sprint and participate in intensive exercise and physical conditioning
  • The ability to use lower and upper body strength in workouts
  • Display of effort and willingness to be part of a team sport

Requirements for Softball

  • All students interested in participating in the conditioning sessions must have appropriate athletic clothing, cleats, and a water bottle.
  • All students interested in participating in the tryouts must have an up to date PIAA Physical form signed by a medical professional. (PIAA Forms 2022)
  • All students MUST provide their own transportation to and from all softball practices, games, and events.

Parents and Guardians

To play a sport at FTCHS there is an Athletic Fee that is paid once per year. This fee goes towards PIAA and District XII league fees, officials' fees, uniforms and equipment for our teams.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Ms. O'Donnell ([email protected])

Mrs. Ruggieri & Ms. Petroski 

Started Coaching for FTC:
Mrs. Ruggieri - 2018
Ms. Petroski - 2021
[email protected] [email protected]

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Athlete Recognition
First Team All Public
Aubrey Seider
Mia Harris
Second Team All Public
Hayley Omelchuk
Emma Dahl
Honorable Mention
Danica Pedone
Delaney Long