Franklin Towne Charter High School has earned a reputation for excellence in education during the past two decades.  Through the efforts of our students and teaching staff we have won many awards, but beyond that we have prepared our students to excel beyond our walls.  Our teaching staff is second to none, and are willing to do whatever is necessary to provide a world-class education to each one of our students

We recognize that we have a wide variety of learners coming to us from a multitude of different schools.  Over the past several years we have given a great deal of effort in developing a program that we are confident will meet all of our students’ learning styles and needs.  We have honors-level programs that will challenge our most advanced students, while at the same time offering a comprehensive special education program that will both support and care for any student with learning needs.    

At Franklin Towne we will develop an individualized and dynamic roster for each one of our students.  What this means is that if a student is strong in math then they will be rostered into advanced math classes, and if they struggle in English, then they will receive a class that offers a higher level of support.  Each one of our students are important, and our academic approach is to meet them at an instructional level that is appropriate and challenging. 

Each one of our academic departments offer both core classes and inventive and engaging elective courses.  If your interests are in the medical field then you can choose to take classes like Honors Forensics or Honors Anatomy & Physiology.  Or, if you want to pursue a career in the trade industry you can take courses in Cosmetology or Woodshop.  If you if you want to pursue a future in the field of Technology you can elect to take a coding course. 

We have designed an academic program that is both challenging and flexible.  Franklin Towne is a school for everyone and a place where all of our students can pursue the future that they hope to build!