Students Experiencing Homelessness

McKinney/Vento Act

In accordance with federal and state guidelines under the McKinney/Vento Act, Franklin Towne Charter Schools are committed to removing barriers to education that face students experiencing homelessness.

  • Do the members of your household lack a permanent address?
  • Are you staying together in a shelter, hotel, or other temporary housing arrangement?
  • Have you moved in with another family (doubled up) due to a lack of housing?
  • Does your family relocate on a seasonal basis?
  • Are any children living with you who have chosen to leave their prior family or household?

If you believe children in your household meet these descriptions, please contact your child's counselor.

Student Last Name Counselor 215-289-5000 E-mail
A-F FaithHassey x3009 [email protected]
G-K Liz Kaisinger x3008 [email protected]
L-P Chris Logan x3015 [email protected]
R-Z Lindsay Runyen x3007 [email protected]