Clubs and Electives

At Franklin Towne Charter High School, we recognize the importance of not only academic excellence but also the exploration of personal interests and passions through co-curricular activities and elective courses. With a strong emphasis on holistic education, we offer a wide range of electives and extracurricular opportunities to cater to the diverse talents and interests of our students.

Our school is proud to host many clubs and organizations, providing avenues for students to engage in various pursuits, from academic enrichment and cultural exploration to community service and leadership development. Additionally, our elective offerings encompass a broad spectrum of subjects, allowing students to delve deeper into areas of interest beyond the core curriculum.

Whether students are drawn to the sciences, humanities, arts, or athletics, there is an elective or club that aligns with their passions and aspirations at Franklin Towne Charter High School. From advanced placement courses and career-focused electives to performing arts ensembles and competitive sports teams, our school provides a comprehensive educational experience that encourages students to explore their interests and pursue their goals.

By participating in clubs, activities, and elective courses, students not only enhance their academic knowledge but also develop valuable skills such as teamwork, leadership, communication, and critical thinking. Moreover, these experiences contribute to the overall personal and social development of our students, preparing them to excel in college, career, and beyond.

We invite all students to take advantage of the abundant opportunities available to them at Franklin Towne Charter High School and to embrace the journey of self-discovery and growth through involvement in clubs, activities, and elective courses. Together, let's continue to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive school community where every student has the chance to thrive and succeed.


If a student is looking to be part of a club, below is a list of clubs and their respective moderators. If a club is not listed, it takes place in the spring, it is full, or it is by invite only.

  • Science Olympiad: Reingold & Glanz
  • Open Weight Room: Parcells
  • Step Team: Jones
  • Photography: Cella 
  • Historical Society: Fleming
  • Japanese Culture: Marchant & Houck
  • Fashion: Holmes 
  • Towne Newsletter: Cunningham
  • D&D: Stokes
  • Woodshop: Spinozzi
  • Music: Judge
  • Chick-Fila Leadership: Hirsch & Ruggieri
  • Best Buddies: Gilborges
  • Dance Team: Eife & Vesper