General Study/Homework Tips

General Study/Homework Tips

Tips by Content Area:




Social Studies

*Apply the skills to the content

For example: Identify the elements of plot, complete MADTRE graphic organizers for the major characters, look for imagery, setting etc.


* Create your own practice questions


* Quote Sheets/Important Content


*Practice Problems found and completed by student For example: Textbook questions, online questions/worksheets,


*Online tutorial videos

For example: KHAN Academy


*Teach a peer or family member how to complete skill and list steps to complete problem verbally/written language.

*Drawings – Create hand drawn mini-poster or mind-map on computer paper


*Play a game or practice on an educational website or an app, create an answer key or explain in paragraph form how the game works and give a few examples from game


*Educational movies or shows (TeD videos, Khan Academy, Coursera, EdX, Amazon Education, iTunes U,, Teachertube, Schooltube, Brainpop, Vimeo, Smithsonian Science Education Center, CK-12, National Geographic Education, Science Friday, Nova Labs, Ptable, EdHead, Data Nuggets, Study Island, etc.)



*Flashcards – Quizlet or Index Cards


*Using mnemonics to memorize facts


*Use graphic organizers/visuals to organize content and skills.

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