Attention: Franklin Towne Charter High School Summer Hours of Operation will be from Monday to Thursday, from 8 AM to 2 PM. The school store will be open during summer hours. Thank you.

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2024-2025 Uniform Policy

Effective 1/24/2024 PowerSchool payment transactions will include a 3% service fee to pay for the cost of extracurricular activities. The convenience fee will be applied to online payments for school fees, event tickets, or any other services provided by the school. This fee will cover the costs associated with providing secure and efficient transaction services. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work towards providing better services for our school community.

Visitors Policy
: To better ensure the security of our building and the safety of our students, all visitors to Franklin Towne Charter High School will need to show a government issued ID in order to enter. During the check-in process, IDs will be entered into our visitor management system and a visitor's badge will be issued. All visitors should check out at the same location when leaving the building.

Transportation: All requests for replacement Septa Fare cards should be communicated through an email to [email protected].