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Joseph Garbarino  -

Vice Chair
James Rodgers  -
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Nancy Hartey  -
ugene McAleer  -
Joseph Coughlin  -
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Those individuals who are interested in speaking at an upcoming meeting of the Franklin Towne Charter High School Board of Directors must submit the speaker request information listed below.

When registering to speak you must include:

  • Your first and last name
  • A phone number that you can be contacted at
  • Your Affiliation for Franklin Towne (Parent/Guardian, Staff Member, Student, or Community Member)
  • The topic to wish to speak about.
  • Are you registering on behalf of someone else? If yes, please leave the name and phone number of the point of contact. And,
  • Is there any other information that we should know in order to support your visit to the meeting? (i.e. translation services, large group attending, class visit, etc.

When registering to speak, please be aware of the following guidelines:

  • Speakers are required to registered by topic (with a limit of 4 speakers per topic)
  • Each speaker will be given (3) three minutes to address the Board.
  • Speakers are also required to submit 1 written copy of their comments to the Board at the meeting (so it can be recorded in Board Minutes).


All requests must be submitted via email to, no later than 48 hours and/or two business days prior to the scheduled meeting.  Thank you for your interest in speaking at an FTCHS Board Meeting.

Board minutes are open for public review or can be requested via an email request.  Please submit all requests to Mrs. Sue McGeehan at All reasonable requests will be honored within 10 business days

Any member of the Franklin Towne community wishing to file a formal complaint against the school or  any member of the school staff should refer to the Title 1 Parental Rights document listed in the Title 1 section of the Policies and Forms section of this website for guidelines and specific  procedures.  

By registering to speak at an FTCHS please be aware that the information that you provide to the Board of Directors will be part of the Board’s official public record and may be utilized in any/all future Right To Know requests.

FTCHS Board Meeting Agenda

FTCHS 21-22 Board Meeting Schedule