Cross Country

2022 Cross Country Season Information

Hi, my name is Coach Bowers, and I will be coaching the 2022 XC season. I am sending out this information early, so that you are better prepared for the up-coming Fall season.

This year I will be holding a pre-season towards the end of the summer, in hopes that you will be attend, so that you are in better shape for when the actual season begins. Races also start very early, so by the time school starts you’ll want to be in the best shape for the best performance.

Preseason will begin on Monday, August 15th at the school. Preseason will only be Monday-Thursday and will run in the early mornings because of the heat. If you plan to run and come to workout’s please email me sometime soon, so that put you in the group email, so you know where to meet and times. [email protected]

In order to practice you must:

  • Have your PIAA form filled out completely and handed in (please do not come to practice if you do not have this because I will have to turn you away).
  • Proper Running Shoes (please email me with any financial issues, suggested brands would be: Asics, Brooks, Hoka, and Saucony.) (If you do not come in running shoes, you cannot practice).
  • Proper/Appropriate running attire specifically geared towards the weather (towne shirt and shorts).
  • Water Bottle (hydration is key to success)
  • Book Bag (for phones, wallets, etc.)

Once the school year begins practices will be held after school Monday-Friday at 3:30. The expectation is that you dressed and warmed up by 3:30.  

All meets will be at the Belmont Plateau, and our first meet is scheduled for, Thursday, September 8th

Sports are about commitment, so that means I need your full commitment. That means you cannot miss practice, unless it is excused by a doctors note. Family related issue or is because of an excusable school related reason (detentions and appointments do not count). If you have a job that start at 3-5 after school, then I recommend not doing a sport. If you miss more than 3 practices, not excused by me then you will be removed from the team.

Below I am also adding a summer workout plan.  This is what you should do over the summer to keep yourself in shape for the season in general.

Monday: 2 Mile run as fast a possible (split into mile repeats if needed) (ABS)

Tuesday: 3-4 Mile run at a pace that is slightly uncomfortable (75%)

Wednesday: Ladder: 400 Sprint, 800 Sprint, Mile, 800 Sprint, 400 Sprint (ABS)

Thursday: 3-4 Mile run slow pace (50%)

Friday: 2 Mile run as fast as possible (ABS)

I also recommend fully stretching before and after you run, and any form of resistance training (youtube helps for ideas). Abs are a big help to running performance, so I suggested a few days where you should incorporate ab workouts. You could do: Leg raises, Russian Twist, 6-inches, high knees, bicycle crunches, mountain climbers, etc.

I hope you decide to join the team!! Have a great summer 😊

Head Coach: Ms. Bowers 
Started coaching at FTCHS in 2021 
Email: [email protected] 
Season: Fall Sport (August to November)