Cross Country

Season Start Date: August 16th 2021 at 10am at main entrance.  

Practice Requirements: 
PIAA Form: Fully completed and turned in before the first day of practice. You will not be able to practice or compete without it. 
Running Shoes: Must be an actual form of running shoes, otherwise you will not be able to practice. 
o Suggested brands: Asics, Hoka, Saucony, Brooks, and On. 
Water Bottle 
Must wear shorts that are an inch above the knee or longer, and a normal Towne shirt or appropriate t-shirt (no other high schools). You can also wear sweatpants (it is hot though, so I would not recommend), but no tights. 
Running Watch (not mandatory but suggested).
Pre-Season Workouts: 
The best thing you can do before a cross country season is to make sure that you are enough shape to train. Below, I will list a week of workouts, that I would suggest doing. 
Monday: 4x 1 Mile repeats as fast as possible. 
Tuesday: 2 Mile run as fast as possible. 
Wednesday: 3-4 Mile slow pace run, try to find hills that you can add in your neighborhood. 
Thursday: Track Day! 1 Mile Warm- Up (4 laps), 4x 200’s (half the track, and as fast as possible), 3x 800’s (twice around the track, and as fast as possible), then a 1 Mile slow Cool- Down. 
Friday: I would suggest doing some form of active recovery and ab workout. Active recovery meaning bike ride, skate boarding, walking, etc. 
Ab workout: Repeat 4x 
30 Russian Twist 
30 second Plank 
30 second Bicycle Crunch 
20 Leg Pull-Ins. 
Bottom line though, try to run at least 12-15 miles a week! 😊 

For all practices is meet on parade grounds in the arsenal complex. 

Practice Schedule:
Daily practice will be held from 4-6.   Location: Parade grounds unless changed by coach. 

Meet Schedule:
All meets will occur at Belmont Plateau


Belmont Plateau is located at 1800 Belmont Mansion Dr., Philadelphia, PA 19131