Family Trip Policy

The Charter School students may be excused from school attendance to participate in family trips. The Charter School families wishing to travel during the school year must submit a written request to the CEO or DEAN for approval of the travel dates. Parents will be informed, in writing, when the dates are approved or the reason(s) for the request being denied.

Family Trip Policy V10-2019

Pre-Approved Absence Request

Attention parents and guardians, please only fill this form out if you are requesting permission for your child to take a trip /vacation during the school year.

Student Name:  

Student Grade: 

Date(s) Absent: 

Reason for Absence/Trip:  

Must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of a planned absence/trip. A maximum of five consecutive days of excused absences will be considered for approval by the FTCHS Administration.

Parent Name:  

Parent Email: 


Security Measure