Request for Towne Connections

Request for Towne Connections

To our Franklin Towne families:

Our students and staff have raised funds to support the Towne Connections Program. Connections provide meals and necessities to struggling Towne families. The economy has intensified the troubles: job loss, death of a family member or poor health of so many of our Towne families making it especially difficult to provide meals and presents to their children during the holiday season.

We are welcoming letters from our Towne families who are facing particularly tough times and would be grateful for a food basket or help with holiday gifts. So if you or if you know of a Towne family who would benefit from our help, please write a note explaining why the help is needed and how we can help your family. If you are writing for another Towne family, please include why the help is needed, how we can help and the recipients name and address. Remember Towne Connections is limited to Towne Families only. Letters requesting our help or contributions can be emailed to, dropped off to the front office, or mailed to the school c/o Towne Connections, Franklin Towne Charter High School, 5301 Tacony Street, Box 310, Philadelphia, PA 19137.


Thank You,

Joseph Venditti