The STEM department at Franklin Towne prides itself on developing a strong foundation in science for our students to help them develop an understanding of the natural world so they will become educated citizens that can make informed decision. All the classes promote the 21st century skills of creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, and communication and collaboration in a variety of assignments and projects. We lay the foundation for science in the freshmen year with Physical science that develops the students’ skills in designing and evaluating scientific investigations, applying the metric system as a universal system of measurement in science, and developing critical thinking skills within the framework of chemistry, physics, and biology. In their sophomore year students apply the concepts from Physical Science to develop a deeper understanding of biology in a preparation for their Keystone Exam. Starting as early as their sophomore year several electives are available, through student choice, to further refine and develop their science skills in classes that have a career path.

Career paths can include pursuing advanced degrees or immediate employment in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields. In Forensics they learn how scientist collect and examine data to make informed decisions about crime scene analysis by evaluating mock crime scenes. Engineering and Design allows them to investigate possible engineering careers by having hands on experience drafting ideas for engineering solutions, evaluating sources of energy, and creating solutions with real world connections such as designing and building a prototype bridge given certain parameters, while tracking cost and projecting estimate for the construction of the bridge in the real world. Introduction to Medical Careers and Anatomy and Physiology are meant for students interested in a career in medicine and related professions. Anatomy and Physiology provides an extensive investigation into the systems of the human body which will lay a foundation for courses they need to take in college, while Introduction to Medical Careers develops the vocabulary and skill needed to directly enter the work force in related field of medicine. Computer science classes cover everything from the basics to advance coding with applications in science, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Classes are offered in biology, chemistry, and physics to prepare students for both the Advanced Placement and Clep Test so students can earn college course credits while still in high school.

 Overall, the focus in developing critical thinking skills through development of experiments and evaluating research, inquiry into scientific questions, working collaboratively in lab groups and on projects, and creatively presenting their results to their peers, it is our goal to develop informed citizens and life-long learners in the sciences at Franklin Towne.