Franklin Towne’s English Department is dedicated to creating a deeperunderstanding and enjoyment of reading and writing through our diverse selection of literature. Our teachers have reflected on the titles included in the curriculum to ensure that there are many genres and voices echoed in the content studied in each class.  We pride ourselves in our novel selections and incorporate titles from YA to the Classics.  Through our mix of genres,students can trace the evolution of writing as it is reflected in society in all types of literature including novels, dramas, poem, etc. In Freshmen English the curriculum provides a survey of literature while Sophomore English is concentrated in Literature from around the World. As students begin to develop their career path there is student choice in a variety of additional English electives such as The Art of Fiction, Mythology, Communications,and Writing Composition.  In providing these choices we are confident that each FTCHS student will be successful in reading comprehension and analysis, and by pathway’s end, students will have discovered their natural and formal voice in writing.  
The English Department concentrates deeply on writing to promise that our students will have the skills to write in any future forum, be it college or career. In every class there is a balance of both formal and informal writing. By incorporating the writing process through different avenues, we confirm that students can effectively produce meaningful writing through essays, projects, and creative assignments. Since Franklin Towne is a one-to-one school the English Department can easily include research-based writing while promoting a productive digital citizen. There are also a variety of specific writing intensive courses offered in the English Career Path along with Advance Placement and Honor’s courses that provide both the AP and CLEP tests.  
The teachers in the English Department are committed to fostering welcoming classrooms where literature can be the foundation to meaningful discussions and meaningful writing so that each and every studentcanpossess the skills and confidence to fortify a productive future.