Track & Field

Track and Field Important Information: 

Congratulations To All the Track Athletes listed Below! & to those students that didn’t make the cut, Coach Redman recommends continuing to RUN and come out next year! If you ever have any questions, feel free to Email Coach Redman at [email protected].

  1. Nasir Lewis 12th
  2. Jared Burns 12th
  3. Giovanni Griffin 12th
  4. Tyler Burke 12th
  5. Sam Lopez 12th
  6. Karina Prado 11th
  7. Makayla Jones 12th
  8. John Curry 11th
  9. Omar Balouch 11th
  10. Malachi Leach 11th
  11. Shane Quinn 11th
  12. Rachel Stewart 11th
  13. Sana’a Riley 10th
  14. Santana Douch 9th
  15. Christian Vazquez 9th
  16. Ciarra Rodriguez 9th  

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Coaches:  Mr. Redman 
Email: [email protected]
Season: Spring (March to June)