College Planning

During the Junior and Senior year, students will have the opportunity to use Naviance and work with their counselors to help navigate the Postsecondary planning process.  

If you are interested in taking an SAT/ACT, please contact your counselor for a meeting to discuss a testing plan.  

At the bottom of this page, there are a variety of downloadable and printable resources that will help in the Future Planning process. Please reach out to your counselor if you have any questions.

Helpful Resources

Step Up to College is Philadelphia's Guide to the College Preparation, Application, Admission & Financial Aid Processes. Please visit Philadelphia Futures  website to download a copy of the College Guide. This guide includes information on preparing, searching, applying and paying for college. It also contains a variety of checklists, tips and additional helpful resources.

Virtual College Tours- Visiting colleges and universities is an important part of the post-secondary planning process. With our busy lives, sometimes getting on to a particular campus is difficult, or not possible due to travel limitations and distance. Students and parents who want to learn more about a college/university can get started with a virtual college tour. has compiled tours of many colleges and universities. Follow this link to get started.