Dress Code

The Dress Code for the 2024-2025 School Year is linked here: 2024-2025 Dress Code

For a PDF version of the document for the 2023-2024 here: Dress Code 


In order to promote safety and equality, all Franklin Towne Charter High School students are to be dressed in the designated school uniform upon arrival at school. Those who do not conform to this policy will meet with immediate administrative action. Students arriving at school out of
uniform will be issued a detention and will not be permitted to attend class. A parent or guardian will be contacted and will be permitted to bring appropriate clothing to rectify the uniform violation.

The student uniform consists of:
• FTCHS School Logo shirt (long or short sleeved). It must be purchased through the school store.

• FTCHS School Logo sweater with FTCHS School Logo shirt (long or short sleeved). It must be purchased through the school store.

• Any color Khaki-style pants, dress or casual dress pants (traditional cut), must not resemble jeans, must not have pockets anywhere on the leg of the pants, must be worn at waist level, must not be cut or ripped in any way, and may not drag on the floor. No tears or frays of any kind. Students may not wear a second pair of pants underneath the uniform.

• Rubber soled shoes. Slip-on shoes must have rubber soles and a permanent back, or they are not permitted. Sturdy shoes are a must to ensure student safety. Work boots, UGG/Sheepskin boots, fashion boots are not permitted.

• Optional long sleeve undershirt without writing on the sleeves worn underneath FTCHS School Logo shirt.

• All students rostered to a Physical Education class are required to wear a Franklin Towne PhysEd shirt that can be purchased in the school store and a pair of navy-blue shorts or sweatpants.

• Franklin Towne issued identification card must be worn at all times around neck in a Franklin Towne issued clear plastic case. The students may only wear one school-issued lanyard or purchased in the school store. Any other lanyards or pouches for identification cards are prohibited. Identification cards may not be altered in any way. Graffiti, stickers, or decorations of any kind are not allowed; the student will be required to purchase a new identification card for $10 if the card is damaged or altered in any way. The identification card is the only item that may be stored in the school issued clear plastic case.

On inclement weather days, students ARE permitted to wear boots to school. However, students MUST bring a pair of rubber soled sneakers to change into upon entering the cafeteria in the
morning. Boots are to be placed inside students’ lockers until dismissal from school.

Hair accessories may be worn if they are solid in color, without text or without symbols. Character headbands (bunny ears, cat ears, etc.) are not allowed and can be confiscated.

Students are NOT permitted to wear the following during regular school days:
• Jeans or any pants resembling jeans

• Corduroys

• Shorts, skorts, skirts, capris, hipster/low rise; tight or form-fitting pants

• Cargo or multi-pocketed pants or shorts; pants with tears or frayed in anyway

• Hooded shirt or hooded sweatshirt

• Sweat-pants, leggings, spandex material pants, tights, yoga pants

• Decorative belt buckles with sharp or pointed edges, any belt buckle larger than 3” x 3” or considered dangerous or offensive by administration

• Boots or any shoe worn above the ankle

• Open-toe or open-heel shoes

• Flip flops, open-toed or open-backed footwear, slippers or sandals, or footwear that may be considered hazardous for the students’ safety

• Sunglasses, headsets or Bluetooth headphones, Air-pods are not allowed to be worn in the school

• Sweatbands or bandannas

• Head coverings (students must apply for religious exemption by registering with the dean of students)

Whenever Franklin Towne Charter High School permits a TOWNE Dress-Down Day, students are expected to wear clothing that is appropriate. If a student is not dressed according to school standards, a parent/guardian will be notified. Failure to comply may meet with administrative
action. During “Franklin Towne” dress down days, students must wear an official Franklin Towne shirt sold in the school store and follow the other dress down regulations listed above.

Students are NOT permitted to wear the following during dress down days:

• Shorts more than one inch above the knee while standing in an upright position.

• Skirts, skorts, hipster/low rise; tight or form-fitting pants

• Hooded shirts or hooded sweatshirts

• Hats, head coverings (unless religious), headbands/sweatbands, or bandanas

• Rubber soled shoes. SLIP-ON SHOES MUST HAVE RUBBER SOLES OR THEY ARE NOT PERMITTED. Sturdy shoes are a must to ensure student safety. No work boots, UGG/Sheepskin boots, fashion boots are permitted. Rubber soled shoes.

• Pajamas or slippers

• Outerwear such as coats, jackets, sweaters (including school sports jackets or other club apparel), gloves and scarves should not be worn to class

• Any clothing with alcohol, drugs, tobacco wording, advertising or logos of such items

• Any clothing with ethnic, sexual, or vulgar references

• Any clothing which may be disruptive, unsafe, or unhealthy within the educational process

• Any clothing with holes, rips, tears, frays or openings

• Half-shirts or mid-riff belly shirts

• See-through clothing

• Backless shirts

• Undergarments such as ribbed tank-tops

• Low cut shirts or blouses that expose cleavage

• Tights, leggings, spandex pants, yoga pants

• Shirts that have been cut excessively in the arm-pit area exposing skin

• Sunglasses

• Headsets or audio blue tooth devices are not allowed to be worn in school.

• Tank tops, sleeveless shirts, or spaghetti strap shirts

Violators of the dress code policy will face disciplinary action.
Students are permitted to participate in Towne Dress Down Days, who earn the right by satisfying all student responsibilities related to academics, attendance, and behavior. Students who fail to meet their responsibilities will not be invited to participate in any school sponsored Towne Dress
Down Day.