The mission of the Franklin Towne Math Department is to give each student an understanding of the nature of mathematics by incorporating the theoretical aspects of the discipline into the real-life experiences of the student by exposing the students to a variety of courses that engage them in problem solving and problem-based learning.

All mathematics courses will give students the opportunities to discover concepts, relate topics to one another, solve real - world applications and offer students opportunities to learn concepts through a variety of instructional strategies that include project - based instruction.  Our foundation courses of Algebra I and Algebra II lay the foundation for success in all future endeavors.  Students can discover higher level mathematics in courses such as geometry, precalculus, calculus, trigonometry, statistics, and linear algebra.  The success of the higher-level courses has helped students gain confidence in their math skills, earn a passing score of advanced on the Keystone exam as well as college credit through AP and CLEP exams. 

We also offer courses that allow students to explore and discover careers within math related fields.  These courses are designed to introduce and ignite interest in fields of trade, business, and medicine.  Business math, accounting, medical math, and everyday math are designed to introduce students to topics not normally scene in high school to assist in making an educated decision about their future. 

Overall, the math department will help develop a well-prepared student with highly developed critical thinking skills and can adjust to the expectations and rigors of college, career, and community life.