Franklin Towne Charter High School
Varsity Baseball 2022-2023

Team Awards:

PPL "AAA" Champions - 2016
PPL "AAA" Champions - 2015
PPL Public League Champions - 2015
PPL "AAA" Champions - 2014


Spring Sport (March to June)

Home Field:
Bridesburg Recreation Center
(4601 Richmond St, Philadelphia, PA 19137)

Contact Information:
John Cepparulo
[email protected]

Brianna O'Donnell
Athletic Director
(215) 289-5000 ext.3030
[email protected]

Expected Baseball Skills

The following skills are expected, but not required from participants:

  • An understanding of the sport, including game rules and regulations
  • The ability to throw, catch, and field a baseball
  • The ability to run a timed 1 mile run (about 9 minutes)
  • The ability to sprint and participate in intensive exercise and physical conditioning
  • The ability to use lower and upper body strength in workouts
  • Display of effort and willingness to be part of a team sport

All students interested in trying out for a varsity sport, must have a completed PIAA Form filled out and signed by a medical professional. All PIAA Forms for the upcoming school year can be found below: 
(2022 PIAA Forms)

Athletic Fee
The Franklin Towne Charter Athletic Fee is charged to each student athlete participating in a varsity sport. The Athletic Fee contributes towards the Philadelphia Public League Fee, field and facility maintenance and up keeping, team equipment and additional supplies. The Athletic Fee will be applied to the Parent PowerSchool Account and the cost will be determined based on the number of sports the student participates in.

Athletic Fee Information

1 Sport - $200
2 Sports - $225
3 Sports - $250

Students interested in participating in Cross Country (Fall Sport) will have the opportunity to participate in Track & Field (Spring Sport) for no additional cost. 

If you have individual questions about the Athletic Fee please reach out to the Athletic Director - Brianna O'Donnell - [email protected] - (215) 289-5000 ext. 3030

Please select the link to view the instructions on how to make payments online. (Fee Payment Instructions

Congratulations to the 2022 Varsity Baseball Team!!

Name Grade
Brant, Robert 9
Clinton, Braedyn 10
Dignam, Nicholas 11
Douch, Vathana 12
Durso, Brian 11
Gephart, Justin 11
Isreal, William 11
Labb, Jacob 12
Lang, Joseph 10
Lewis, William 11
Munizza, Josh 12
Ocasio, Jayden 9
Ortiz, Anthony 11
Pagan, Isaiah 12
Rdesinski, Dalton 10
Roman, Robert 11
Ross, Jordan 10
Sanchez, Jaedyn 9
Santiago, Alex 11
Sosa, Demetrius 11
Wetherell, Kenneth 9