Letter To Parents

Letter to Parents
Posted on 03/13/2020

Hello Franklin Towne Parents, Guardians and Students,

As stated in the letter we have previously sent home, we will be closing for a minimum of a two-week period starting on Friday, March 13th.   We have sent all essential instructional materials home with the students today.  If you have a child who was absent, or not in the building today, you can come up to the school on Monday, March 16th between 7:30 and 2:30 to collect any materials (textbooks, workbooks, novels, etc.). Please bring a bag with you.  You can report to the front desk, give us your bag and someone will go retrieve your child’s materials J.

Our teachers will be school on Monday, and moving forward after that, we will be providing online instruction to all of our children.  Our teachers will be using PowerSchool’s Unified Classroom, or Microsoft Teams, or email in order to deliver this instruction.  I will follow-up this email with a set of directions on how parents can access Unified Classroom.  The students have been using it since September, but we are guessing most of our parents have not.  And since we are making an adjustment to an online delivery, we want to ensure that EVERYONE is on the same page, as much as possible.  So, be on the lookout for that set of instructions. 

We have instructed our teachers to try their best to be as low-tech as possible when delivering instruction.  Some families have more than one child, and we understand that not everyone will be able to use the family computer (if there is only one) at the same time.  Our teachers will work to ensure that students will be able to work on assignments off-line through activities like essay assignments, worksheets being posted, etc.  Teachers will provide specific, detailed directions for how students will complete and submit any work.  We have also instructed our teachers to continually check their email throughout the day.  So, if you have any questions, you can contact them directly for answers. 

We understand that some families may have limited technology.  Fortunately, Comcast has offered a wonderful opportunity for families that may not have connectivity.  Please use the link below to find out additional information.


In addition to the adjustments that we will need to make to our instructional approaches, this shut-down will also effect any extra-curricular activities.   We have been notified by the PIAA that all spring sports have been postponed.  As we get additional information regarding this we will be sure to share updates.  Also, we will be postponing the high school’s Ring Ceremony scheduled for next week, as well as the Dance-A-Thon that is scheduled for the end of March. 

As we have stated before, this is an ever-evolving situation, and we will be adjusting schedules as information becomes available.  We will be sure to send ongoing information out, using the all-call and email blast system.  We will also be posting all essential informational updates on the school’s website to (www.franklintowne.org)

These are certainly going to be challenging times.  This is new for all of us.  However, if we are patient and kind to one another, we will rise above this challenge.  It takes a village to raise a child….but it takes a TOWNE to educate one.  On behalf of the entire administration, our teaching staff and our Board of Directors we want to thank all of you for your support and for your ongoing patience during this time.  Please stay safe.  Please listen to the directions that we are all getting for our city officials.  And, please do everything you can to stay healthy.

Accessing Unified Classroom for Parents.pdf