Daily Announcements

A message to our Towne families
Posted on 11/11/2020

As our 1st marking period ends we wanted to reach out to all our Franklin Towne families and thank you for all your hard work.  Our teachers are confident that we are providing the best remote learning education possible and feel that the students are learning and adapting very well.  In a small way to thank our students for all their hard work, teachers will be issuing merit points on a daily basis.  Students should discuss with their teachers how to receive merit points and merits will be converted to raffle tickets.  There will be five raffles each month and raffle prizes will include Towne apparel, dress down certificates, homework passes, Amazon gift cards and other fun prizes.  Additionally, teachers will be naming students of the week and month and winners will be published on our web site.  


As we move forward into the second quarter, we want to offer our students opportunities to participate and socialize outside of the classroom.  We are currently planning a virtual Fashion Show, a TikTok competition and virtual Talent Show.  Mr. Leddy will be the moderator for the TikTok Competition and will be sending students information concerning the event in the near future.  


Clubs are also starting to organize.  Student Government officers have been selected and will be having their first meeting in the next week.  National Honor Society is up and running.  The Franklin Towne Historical Society, Chick-Fil-A leadership, photography, community service and Esports clubs will also be contacting students to look for new members in the upcoming days.  We are hoping to have all after school clubs organized and running before the end of November.    


We are also in the process of changing the bell schedule. Starting Friday November 20th, Friday classes will change to 80 minutes. The rest of the week will remain the same – Monday and Wednesday s will be 60-minute classes and Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday will be 80-minute classes.  We are hoping to use Fridays as an incentive-type day.  Students that have completed their work for the week and have a passing grade may be excused for some or all their class.  Teachers can use Fridays for makeup work, retesting, and tutoring.  


On Wednesday afternoons, we are asking each faculty member, guidance counselor and teacher aids to host a fun activity for one hour between 1 pm and 3:30 pm.  These activities will be an opportunity for students to meet outside the classroom, in a non-educational setting, and are intended for students to have fun and meet other students in their class.  Signing up will be voluntary for the students.   Activities will include virtual board games, trivia games, Esports, and Egames.   We are hoping to have our first activity on Wednesday, November 18th. Additional information will be sent to the students. 


Counselors are working virtually to support students, and to complete allthe necessary tasks related to future planning.  In this setting Counselors are communicating with students via chat, video calls, and email.  Seniors and parents are attending virtual information sessions related to colleges, financial aid, and alternatives to college.  Students in the lower grades are working with counselors on activities and tasks that are relevant at each level.  Each student has a grade level group on MSTeams where content, resources and events are posted weekly on topics from motivation and wellness, to college, financial aid, careers, etc.   


Again, we want to thank you for your hard work and support during the 1stquarter of the year.  We are confident that we can continue this forward progress as we move deeper into the school year.  Thank you for your support and we hope everyone remains safe at home. 

-Franklin Towne