In addition to a student's high school transcript/GPA, another important part of a student's application is his or her test scores, either SAT and/or ACT. Students should take two or three tests (either SAT and/or ACT) before the end of their Junior year. Please see below under resources for a website with side-by-side description of the two tests.

At Franklin Towne, students prepare in the classroom for both of these tests. Sophomores & Juniors take the PSAT and then meet with their Counselors to discuss methods to prepare for the SAT/ACT the next year by using their PSAT results on the College Board website (see link below).

Additional Notes:

  • Students should look for required SAT and/or ACT scores for the schools in which they are interested. This will help students to set goals for the necessary test scores. Naviance is a tremendous resource for FTCHS students, specifically for information related to college standardized testing scores.
  • Free online test prep services are available. Please see the 5 links provided under 'Resources' below. It is important for students to invest time in preparing for their college admissions tests (SAT/ACT).
    • Large group test prep is provided in school for all sophomores and juniors. However, it is very important that students practice and prepare on their own time as well.

Test dates are available online on the official SAT & ACT sites. FTCHS is a test site for the SAT & the ACT.

If you think you may be eligible for a fee waiver for these tests, see your Counselor. Below are general recommendations. Students should make individualized testing plans with their Counselors.

Trying to figure out what test to take? Take this quick quiz:  SAT vs ACT

All 10th and 11th grade students will complete a PSAT exam during the school year.
For 10th graders, this is the first chance at taking a practice college entrance exam. Retests are available, as well as incentives for scoring above the national average.
For 11th graders, this is your final official practice college entrance exam, before you take the SAT/ACT. Please continue to study and prepare for your SAT/ACT until test day!

To register for the 2018/2019 SAT, visit


To register for a test, please visit


If you are interested in free SAT online prep, please visit:

1) College Board Website
SAT registration and prep, college research, researching careers and majors.

2) ACT, Inc.
Register for the ACT, test prep, research colleges and majors.

3) SAT vs. ACT

4) What test should I take - ACT or SAT?

Approaches and reminders on how to do well on the SAT subject test

I Need A Pencil test prep
Free online test prep service.

Khan Academy
Khan Academy provides test prep for the SAT (critical reading, math and writing sections).

Major Testing
Majortests helps you prepare for the SAT by giving you free practice tests. You don't need to register or create usernames and passwords. Our questions are developed by test prep professionals.

Number 2 Test Prep
Free online test prep.

Pro Profs Test prep
Free online test prep.

Sparknotes Test Prep
SAT and ACT test prep