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Greetings! I am a science teacher at Franklin Towne Charter High School. I have been teaching at Franklin Towne since 2010 and have taught Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Chemistry. This year I will be teaching Biology and AP Biology. I have experience working in experimental biology and a strong interest in all fields of science, ranging from the natural world to quantitative skills. I am excited to work with all of you this year. I know we will do great things together!

Melinda Loges


National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

Room 449, Building 9

Teaching Assignment: Biology and AP Biology


Telephone: 215.289.5000 ext. 5031

Biology Course Description

Science is a both a body of knowledge and a method of understanding the natural world around us; it is evidence based and includes the processes and methods scientists use to discover knowledge and build understanding. Biology is the study of life and how life works and evolves. Throughout this course we will use knowledge we have gained through previous experiences and apply it to new situations forcing us to make observations and predict outcomes. Since this class focuses on the study of living organisms, we will spend time focusing on the characteristics an organism must possess in order to be considered living and all units will relate back to this theme.


Throughout this course we will learn different active studying techniques which help you become more successful in your classes. Formal labs as well as other group and hands-on activities will help guide you through the learning process. Since biology is the study of life, we will utilize several case-studies that provide real-world examples to enhance our understanding of the content in the textbook. Vocabulary will be a strong focus of this class and will be assessed regularly through quizzes and tests. We will spend some class time everyday exploring the mastery vocabulary for biology.

AP Biology Course Description

Advanced Placement Biology is designed to be the equivalent of a two-semester college biology lab course that develops both the practice of science and an understanding of the concepts that scaffold biology and connect it to the modern world. AP Biology is structured around the four big ideas and the associated enduring understandings as described in the AP Biology Curriculum Framework. The laboratory component of the course is centered on student-driven inquiry comprising at least 25 percent of instructional time to develop the seven science practices as outlined in the Curriculum Framework.


In addition to laboratory investigations, we will use multiple learning activities and methods to provide you with opportunities to meet the learning objectives within each of the big ideas, including case studies, Socratic seminars, journal readings, guided inquiry activities, and computer modeling. Societal and ethical concerns are addressed through multiple assignments and units. Through the course assignments and investigations, you will be able to develop your communication skills through formal laboratory reports, poster and oral presentations, summaries of literature, and oral contributions to Socratic seminars.

Please link to our class MS365 groups and Infinite Campus for real time assessment and course information.