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Debate Team

Sponsor(s): Ms. Downey

The debate team will meet at least times per month. The debate team will participate in practice debates on popular issues and compete in at least two formal competitions during the school year. Debate team members are also called upon to represent and speak on the behalf of Franklin Towne at various events.
Income Inequality
I know this is a wiki article and we normally don't use these because they are unreliable as sources, however, the sources the article cites are accurate. When using information from this article be sure to cite teh study cited by the wiki article and NOT wikipedia! For example: According to the United Nations Development Program, in 2009 the ratio of the average income of the richest 10% to the poorest 10% in the United States is 15.9. That means the richest 10% of the country has nearly 16 times the wealth of the poorest 10%. For every dollar a poor factory worker earning minimum wage receives, the uber rich owner of the factory is making 16. That also means the rich factory owner has 16 times more money to contribute to election campaigns and to higher lobbyist to argue against raises in minumum wage than the poor factory worker has to fight for safe and equitable working wages.