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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Franklin Towne Charter High School is a college preparation program willing to do whatever it takes to provide a warm and encouraging family-like atmosphere for all of our students.

Vision Statement

Franklin Towne Charter High School’s Vision:
  • Graduates of FTCHS will be proficient in reading and mathematics. This will result in an increase in FTCHS’ performance on national, state, and local assessments, including the PSSA, PSAT, and SAT.
  • Graduates of FTCHS will be aware of the opportunities that are available to them once they leave school, including postsecondary education and career options.
  • Graduates will be prepared academically to enter any major field of study they choose in college.
  • FTCHS will cultivate among its students the social and emotional skills necessary in post-secondary work. Our graduates will be prepared socially, not only to deal with the demands of post-secondary study, but also to be leaders in their respective spheres of influence. FTCHS will emphasize social and emotional skills through leadership training, service learning, communication skills development, and life skills training.
  • FTCHS will provide course variety, making FTCHS a true “comprehensive” high school. From life skills to honors classes to vocational training, FTCHS will have many choices and avenues to follow. FTCHS will have roster flexibility.
  • FTCHS will implement interventions as needed to ensure that students have the tools and support needed to succeed in the FTCHS curriculum and beyond.
  • Students with special needs will be supported through an exceptional Special Education program, enabling these students to meet the goals of their Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).
  • FTCHS will celebrate multiculturalism, providing students with cultural experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Student learning will be augmented with a comprehensive extracurricular program that includes clubs and teams that emphasize arts, athletics, community service, leadership, and academics.
  • FTCHS will employ a dedicated and “highly qualified” instructional staff.
  • Instructional staff will receive relevant and high quality professional development rooted in best practices.
  • FTCHS will employ data-driven decision making, using a system of continuous monitoring of student progress.
  • FTCHS will fully integrate technology into all areas of the FTCHS educational environment.
  • Parents will be actively engaged in their children’s education and will be active participants in a variety of academic and extracurricular programming at FTCHS.
  • FTCHS will be a safe learning community, providing a clear and consistently implemented Code of Conduct for student behavior.

Shared Values

Franklin Towne Charter High School is guided in its daily operations by the following shared values:
  • Encouraging Academic Excellence: FTCHS is committed to providing a high quality, rigorous curriculum that exceeds state standards. Academic excellence is not relegated to an advanced track of students, but expected of students at all levels. It is FTCHS’ responsibility, therefore, to ensure that all students — regardless of level of academic achievement or special needs — are provided the academic supports and interventions to ensure their success in our rigorous curriculum and beyond. We believe that all our students should graduate proficient or advanced in mathematics, should participate in engaging and hands-on science education, should be well-versed in arts and humanities, and should have a wide-array of elective options to supplement academic study. We will continue to expand on our opportunities for advanced studies, including honors classes and college-level studies and will create a culture in which academic achievements are celebrated in a manner traditionally reserved for athletic success. By encouraging academic excellence in all our students, we hope to lay the foundation for our students to be lovers of learning throughout their adult lives.
  • Educating for Life: While FTCHS promotes a high level of academic excellence for all students, the purpose of our educational program is not to simply groom students for academia. Rather, through an advanced curriculum that pairs our rigorous curriculum with electives in vocational areas, the purpose of FTCHS is to ensure that students fully understand the range of opportunities that are available to students once they leave school. Guided by our PACE Program (Personal Academic and Career Explorations) our students engage in a high school experienced designed to help them identify their life goals and to prepare to set them on the path to accomplish those goals. Our educational approach, therefore, is routed in real-world experiences, providing considerable opportunity for hands-on and experiential learning. We support students in developing both college and career targets and developing strategies to achieve these targets. In the end, we believe that rote memorization of facts necessary to pass a test should not be the goal of our educational program. Rather, we aim to prepare our students for life by developing within them the skills needed to lead for change, think critically, work in teams, create, adapt to technology, be self-managed learners, communicate effectively, and understand the needs of the communities in which they work and live.
  • Educating the Whole Child: As an urban high school, FTCHS realizes that it is not enough to provide students with only an academic education. Rather, we understand the importance of removing barriers to learning (e.g. poor health and nutrition, lack of adult role models in the home, exposure to drugs and violence, etc.) and of providing students with the social and emotional tools that are often lacking in the home. As such, from the time students enter as freshmen to the time they graduate, FTCHS is responsible for providing students with social supports and life skills training. We accomplish this goal by operating a high-quality guidance/counseling program, employing a school psychologist and school nurse, participating in the National School Lunch Program, partnering with community organizations to provide students necessary services, providing a freshman transition program including our nationally recognized Towne Mentor Program.
  • Together We Can: Finally, FTCHS believes that a school is only one player in the education of youth. As such, FTCHS provides a team approach to education, bringing administrators, teachers, parents, community members, and student leaders together to move FTCHS toward its ultimate goal of improved student achievement.